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The Defensive Shotgun class has been scheduled for December 17, 2016. If you are interested be sure and register! Registration


What makes The Range Incorporated different from everyone else?

We will offer you an outdoor environment and first class training facility with moving target systems in which you can shoot up to 360 degrees in some of our classes. The indoor ranges can only offer you one direction in which to shoot. That's called target shooting. Is that reality on the street? NO! Do you shoot at static targets or moving targets? In real life defensive shooting you may have to shoot to the left, right or turn and shoot behind you. ALL of our instructers are active or former law enforcement or military special operations instructors. Ask yourself why wouldn't you want to be trained by someone who has had real world experience instead of someone who just received their instructor certificate? Your life or your family's lives depend upon how well you are trained.

We promise all our students that we will cover all material the way it's supposed to be covered and we will not take short-cuts. Get what you paid for!


Register now for one of our premium classes. See the schedule for class date. Register Now.



Be sure and join us at the upcoming Nashville Gun Shows, and don't forget to register for the next Tn Carry License class. Registration



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TN. Carry License Class Changes

The Range Inc. will make every effort to explain and demonstrate the basics of pistol shooting to each student. This may result in an increase in training hours for students in our classes. However, we hope by doing this we will increase the number of students who can qualify for the carry license.

Keep in mind that simply paying your class fees does not guarantee you will receive your license paperwork at the end of the class. You still must pass the written test and the firearm portion of the class with a passing score of 70% or better. If you fail either, the State requires you to take the entire class again.

If you need shooting instruction prior to taking the Carry Class, please contact us.


Advanced Handgun Classes

I am sure you're aware of the difficulty in purchasing ammunition the last few months and the soaring prices associated with ammunition. Everyone who sells ammunition is on an alotment. Manufacturers say they just can't keep up with the demands. I'm sure that would not be because Homeland Security just purchased 1.6 billion rounds over the next five years!!

The Range Inc., in an effort to help keep our advanced classes going is doing the following:

We are reducing the ammo count on our Advanced Handgun classes from approximately 500 rounds to 350-375 rounds.

I hope this will encourage you to keep training with us during this difficult time. I appreciate those of you who have taken our classes and look forward to seeing you again in future classes.

Be safe, be aware of what's around you at all times.