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John R. Hutcherson
President/Training Director

John has over 50 years experience with firearms. He is a certified NRA Instructor in Home Firearm Safety, First Steps, Personal Protection, Basic Pistol, and a Tennessee State Certified Firearm Instructor. John is currently serving as a Firearms and Chemical Weapons Instructor with the Davidson County Sheriff's Office Training Division.

John is a Vietnam veteran serving four years as a Navy Diver, attending UDT and Navy Deep Sea divers school. Graduate of Thunder Ranch Defensive Handgun I, and Blackwater Lodge Tactical Handgun II, Tactical Response's Tactical Shotgun I, Tactical Carbine I, Tactical Pistol II, and a Certified Glock Instructor and Glock Armorer. Graduate Practical Shooting Range Development and Use at FARM (Firearms Applications Response Management Facility) Provo, UT. Certified NRA Law Enforcement Instructor in handgun,shotgun and patrol rifle. FBI Instructor. 

Other Associations and Certifications:

  - Life Member of the National Rifle Association,
  - Member and competitor of the International Defensive Pistol Association,
  - Member of Gun Owners of America.
  - ASP Tactical Weapons Instructor.
  - Completed Mindset Boot Camp training by Lt. Col Dave Grossman.
  - Certified F.B.I Firearm Instructor.
  - Bushmaster AR-15 Armorer.
  - Ballistic Wound Instructor
  - Completed ALERRT Active Shooter Level 1 Course, Tn. Dept of Safety On/Off Duty.
 - Completed Alert Active Shooter Levels 1 and 2, University of Texas, 
 - Tennessee Department of Safety Classes.

Law Enforcement Instructors

All of our instructors are active duty or retired law enforcement instructors or former military special ops instructors.

The Range Instructors

One of our police instructors showing our Advanced Handgun I class how to shoot from behind cover in the kneeling position.