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Advanced Handgun I

Advanced handgun I

This class expands on our TN. Carry License class.

We will cover: Marksmanship, Trigger Press, Drawstroke, Shot Placement, Draw and Fire, Reloads, Stoppage Drills, Moving to Cover, Use of Cover Shooting Positions, Verbal Challenges, Shoot-Don't Shoot targets. Class starts promptly at 8:00 A.M. and goes till 5pm.

Class will be taught it's entirely at our range in Hickman county.

Ammo Requirements: 400-500 Rounds

TN. Carry License or Basic Pistol is a pre-requisite

Length of Course: approx 8 hours
Class Size: Min. 6 Max. 10 Students

Cost: $175.00 (Discounts are available to former students-contact us for info)